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How to use a Map in ReasonML

Module Functor...

In ReasonML, Map is a module functor.


 module IntPairs =
     type t = int * int
     let compare (x0,y0) (x1,y1) =
       match x0 x1 with
           0 -> y0 y1
         | c -> c

 module PairsMap = Map.Make(IntPairs)

 let m = PairsMap.(empty |> add (0,1) "hello" |> add (1,0) "world")

Map.Make returns a module. It requires two parameters;

module TodoMap =
    /** key type */
    type t = int;

    /** key compare function: compare(key1, key2) */
    let compare = compare;

And then creat an empty map first.

let todoMap: TodoMap.t(int) = TodoMap.empty

The type signature looks weird but that's how it is..



You can add an item to the map using TodoMap.add(id, item, mapInstance). Note that there is no TodoMap.update. If there exists the key, it will overwrite.

TodoMap.add(3, todoItem, todoMap)


Use TodoMap.find(id, mapInstance). Note that there is no safe method in ReasonML. However, exception Not_found is thrown and it can be pattern matched.

So, it's going to look as below most of time

switch (TodoMap.find(id, state.todoMap)) {
| oldTodoItem => /** do something */
| exception Not_found => /** do something */


Nothing special here. Don't forget to wrap with switch expression though.

switch (TodoMap.remove(id, state.todoMap)) {
| todoMap => ReasonReact.Update({todoMap: todoMap})
| exception Not_found => ReasonReact.NoUpdate

To List (bindings)

In order to use the Map, you probably want list('a). And, the method is TodoMap.bindings(mapInstance) which returns list((key, value))

/** Returns list((int, todoItem)) */


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