YouTube Music vs YouTube

August 22, 2020

Not many people know this, but has the better audio quality than So, if you are a listner…

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Do not use Go like Java

August 19, 2020

I have been using Go in the following way (like Java) And from a consumer side, it just refers to the interfaces so that I can swap with a…

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How to handle multiple JSON responses in Go

July 08, 2020

Introduction If your API returns a single type JSON, you can use But, it gets tricky if there are…

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How to manage multiple workstations using Ansible.

March 14, 2020

Use Ansible Thanks to Kubernetes and GCP, I don't use Ansible as often as in the past. However, it's stil useful to manage multiple…

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Design Uber

March 14, 2019

이번에는 (간단한) 우버 (같은) 시스템 디자인을 정리해본다. 시스템 디자인 우선 시스템 디자인 방법론에 따라 시작하자 요구 사항을 정리한다. 유저가 ~을 할 수 있는가? ~ 기능이 필요한가? back of the envelope estimation…

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